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Prepare for these online interview questions related to the pandemic.

You are likely to be asked some online interview questions related to the COVID pandemic. The world of work has changed and this will be referred to in your interview. Here are some pandemic-related interview questions that you can prepare for ahead of your online interview:

How have you adapted to working from home?

What have you found to be your greatest challenge during the pandemic?

How have you handled stress associated with the pandemic?

What have you learned about yourself ?

Tips for Answering Online Interview Questions

  • Sometimes it is difficult to make out what the interviewer is saying. Don’t attempt to answer a question that you have not heard properly. Ask for clarification or for the interviewer to please repeat the question and avoid answering incorrectly. 
  • Avoid talking over your interviewer, there is sometimes a time lag so be sure they have finished speaking before you respond. Pause, silently count to five and then answer.
  • You need to speak very clearly and avoid mumbling or talking too fast. Avoid “ums” and “uhs” in your answers, they are much more noticeable in an online interview.
  • It is more difficult to convey enthusiasm from a distance than in-person. Make sure you show your interest by using the right facial expressions and through the tone of your voice and the right words.
    Keep your answers concise. Most of your online interview responses should be no longer than 1 or 2 minutes at a time. The interviewer can always ask for more information.
    When the interviewer is talking, display active listening by nodding your head and making good eye contact.
    Be aware of your interviewer’s body language and understand and act on the message you are receiving.
    Avoid making jokes about having an interview online. Comments about how weird it is to be in an online interview make you appear inexperienced and unprofessional.

After Your Online Interview

Just as with an in-person interview it is essential to follow up after your online interview with a well written interview thank you note or email to your interviewer.

Wait for a reasonable time period to lapse and then be proactive about following up on the progress of your job application with an interview follow up email.

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