Outplacement Services offered at Hlabahlosile:

Outplacement services, also known as career transition services, are coaching programs that help separated employees land their next position faster. These services are paid for by the employer, providing free career services to the exiting employee.

The decision to lay off employees is a heavy one for multiple areas within your organization. Outplacement services aren’t just for the exiting employees. They are also available to support the HR team and those who are managing the layoffs. Outplacement firms walk alongside you as you progress through each phase of the staff reduction.

Outplacement services for your organization include:

  • Assisting organizations with making layoff decisions.
  • Helping managers communicate layoff decisions to employees.
  • Supporting remaining staff members so they stay productive during change.

The format these services take varies. Options include consulting, strategic planning, career coaching, job search programs, group workshops, and team trainings. Our programmes are designed to transition all levels of staff through the career change process and empower them to find a new job.

Employee benefits of Outplacement:

  • Receive expert guidance towards re-employment.
  • Career and skills assessment.
  • Professional CV preparation.
  • Interview preparation, including mock interviews with candid and objective feedback from a professional interviewer.
  • LinkedIn and social media optimisation.
  • Access to Career Resources.

Pricing per Individual – (Minimum Group of 10 people required)

One-on-One consultation with a recruitment specialist. R250.00

Individual career counselling assistance, including job re-direction/job change guidance. R250.00

Professional resume preparation & letters of application and Job search techniques. R350.00

Accessing the hidden job market. R250.00

Interview preparation and presentation skills. R250.00